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       UnRefined Palette is Portland's go-to "paint and sip" for date nights, friend group nights, private events and themed art class parties in the PDX area.


       Stacked with cutting edge concepts and hilarious subject matter, this is a next-level paint night run by artists, MC's, comics, and performers who value the entertainment aspect of a class experience.

         All events are unique, hilarious, and customizable to your occasion or group and we never stop thinking of new ways to bring a sense of comic magic to your night out! 

And because we're
NOT a Franchise (hint hint)  ... 

We're the ONLY one with:

- Comedy

- Theme parties; 

- Hand-picked talented hosts.

- Atmosphere: great music and clip-lights on the easels to allow for mood lighting in the room

- custom (creative) events for private parties

- niche community series (like painting with drag queens); 

And No Franchise = BETTER SUPPLIES

- quality brushes 
- manageable canvases 

- non-dissolving napkins  
- aprons that actually work &

- easels that won't cut you   (finally!) 

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