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I hereby assume responsibility for my use and proximity to art materials, tools and equipment and promise not to sue UnRefined Palette, nor its host body, Brecken Rivara, or any other instructors for any loss, liability, damage, injury, illness* or cost whatsoever arising out of or related to my person or property.

      I will consume alcohol responsibly, and no
t blame or sue UnRefined Palette or its staff for any drunken (or sober) missteps of my own or other participants’.

      I understand that when I provide my email address at registration, I may be added to UnRefined Palette’s the once-monthly email list, but that I will have the option to unsubscribe at any time.

      I understand that UnRefined Palette may take photographs and/or video during class and of the class, and that these may be used for marketing and/or public relations purposes and that if I wish to be exempt from this, I need to speak with a member of the UnRefined Palette staff and make my wishes known.


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