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Private Party Theme Catalogue

Pro Tip - Feel free to combine any two:

Have a pajama party with Bob Ross; act and dress extra elderly on an airplane; or get high while dressed in random household appliances!

Use your imagination! 

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Pajama Party Paint Night 

Get ready to be light as a feather and stiff as a board at this slumber party spectacular. Face masks and popcorn included while we dish over who's the cutest and what you want to be when you grow up.

Pajama Party Eventbrite new 2.jpg

With the help of custom stencils and a pet portrait artist, you'll finally be able to pay further tribute to that pink little cheerio you have no choice but to pick up after. 

Pet Ass Eventbrite Beer.jpg

Now boarding all passengers for this wee'k jet setting safari!

Join our crew on this first class guided tour of landscapes and cameos near and far.

Throw on some moth-eaten slacks and order yourself an old fashioned amidst the classics at this week's Edna fest.  

Get ready for some happy accidents and a stiff drink in this landscape painting class alongside none other than Bob Russ; a lesser known hero who deserves his turn already.

Bob Ross Eventbrite 2.jpg

Grab a glass of wine and JCPenny blouse for this cute af, shit-talking girls night out with the squad, or you're not my best friend anymore. 

ABC - Anything But Clothes Party

Still haven't gotten around to wearing that 10 cent paper bag you bought at Safeway last month? Well here's your chance!

ABC Party Expansion.jpg

Puff and Paint

                 You get it.


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